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Resources Please share helpful books, webinars, websites and references here to help store reference materials outside of the ASTD CPLP books.


Outside Resources Supporting the Modules:

1 - Designing Learning

2 - Delivering Training

3 - Improving Human Performance

  • Six Boxes Webinar Click here
  • Example Needs Analysis-NCR.doc this was one created by Star for a company.  Better tool is the genericized one created for this group as guide by Star: Performance Improvement Needs Analysis Guide.doc
  • The three books Leigh Mires brought to class in support of this module are: 1) The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook (has a great explanation of the Ladder of Inference, archetypes, and systems thinking with process mapping); 2) The Team Handbook by Peter Scholtes (an older book, but has good instructions on techniques such as nominal group technique, multivoting, cause and effect diagrams, etc.); and 3) The Art of Focused Conversation by Brian Stanfield (discussion and 100 different examples of how to use the ORID questioning technique.
  • Analysis Matrix Mod 3.doc   

4 - Measuring and Evaluating

5 - Facilitating Organizational Change

6 - Managing the Learning Function

7 - Coaching

8 - Managing Organizational Knowledge

  • (Participants, fill in other resources here)

9 - Career Planning and Talent Management

Other - Social Learning

Exam Preparation

  • Austin ASTD has the Learning System Test Questions on CD available for checkout


Other CPLP Preparation/Study Programs: 


Other General Resources:


ASTD Learning System study tools: Older versions of the Learning System may need updates (we are no longer providing copies of the old updates).


  • Every 3 years
  • $150 fee
  • Accrued 60 points worth of achievement across different requirement areas  










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