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Module 6 - Managing Learning Programs

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For a brief description of the module and a table of contents, see: ASTD - The Learning System


Managing Learning Programs Study Guide


One informative source of information that impacts our current industry is the annual Industry Report. You can look at a copy of it by registering (free) with Training Mag Network:

Go to: http://trainingmagnetwork.com


Then click these links:


Download the 2008 Industry Report: http://www.trainingmagnetwork.com/topics/show/154



Module 1 Performance Improvement
Module 2 Instructional Design
Module 3 Training Delivery
Module 4 Learning Technologies
Module 5 Evaluating Learning Impact
Module 6 Managing Learning Programs
Module 7 Integrated Talent Management
Module 8
Module 9 Knowledge Management
Module 10 Change Management



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