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Module 2 - Instructional Design

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 Module 2: Instructional Designing 

This module focuses CPLP™ study preparation for the WLP professional toward an understanding of the foundational theories and concepts of adult learning, as well as the array of instructional methods available for designing learning. In addition, this module addresses how the various methods should be considered when designing learning solutions, including needs assessment, acquisition of core content to be taught, and the need to be adept at researching topics to create effective instruction. Designing, creating, and developing effective learning and training that meets the needs of participants are the basic elements in this study module. How technology affects instructional design is also important and must be maximized to create effective training. 

 (176 pages)





  1- Cognition and Adult Learning Theory

  2- Instructional Design Theory and Process

  3- An Exploration of Instructional Methods

  4- Various Delivery Options and Media

  5- Job and Task Analysis and Competency Modeling

  6- Content Knowledge and Content from SMEs

  7- Assessment Methods and Formats

  8- Learning Technologies and Support Systems

  9- New and Emerging Learning Technologies and Support Systems

10- Business Strategy, Drivers, or Needs Associated With Learning Interventions

11- Research Methods

12- Individual, Group, and Organizational Differences That Influence Learning

13- Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Designing Learning

14- Differences Between E-Learning and Traditional Courses

15- Design of Information Displays, Access, and Resources


Here's a link to an article we'll discuss during the module 2 session. Please read the article in advance of the session and be prepared to share your thoughts- whether you agree or disagree with the author.

Why I Hate Objectives.docx


Designing Learning Study Guide


(Archive from Prior Years_) Module 2 Preparation Assignment


Below is a document of a presentation by Dr. Thiagi on Rapid Instructional Design.

ASTD RID Handout.doc

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