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CPLP Projects Page

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This page is reserved for faculty, participants and alums to share information on their CPLP projects.


  • Work Product - The work product is the practical application of one of the competencies and the final hurdle to getting certified. Areas for work product submission are: Designing Learning, Delivering Training, Measuring and Evaluation, Improving Human Performance and Managing the Learning Function. Check the Candidate Bulletin for more details. 
  • Requirements - You need to submit a project you have completed in the past three years. The project should be considered a sample or a segment of your past work versus a portfolio, or body of work.  All work products will require documentation of the actual work you did. For example, if designing learning is your selection, you will be required to provide an actual design document. For delivering training, you should provide a recorded class session that is either instructor-led in a classroom setting or a synchronous e-learning event. For measuring and evaluating, you will be expected to provide a report of an evaluation.
  • Criteria - Each work product is judged on 4 core areas: project relationships, (your interactions with the other key roles in the project), planning (project management), output (implementation of project), and outcomes (evaluation and results). A minimum of two raters score each section from 0 to 3 and the passing score is an average of 8 across all four categories. See the Work Product Scoring Process on the Candidate Bulletin.
  • Assembly - Follow the Work Product Submission Guidelines on the Candidate Bulletin. You may add but never miss any required elements or format required. 
  • Timing - You usually have around 2.5 months from the exam to the product deadline. Estimated product preparation for submission is 40 hours in addition to the product itself. (Try to find a training project you've already completed.) You can submit your work product in a later wind for an additional fee ($225). See CPLP test schedules for more information.
  • Signed release - You will need to have a signed release form from the key stakeholders mentioned and involved in the product, such as students attending the videotaped class for delivery of training. It is important to plan ahead for getting sponsors, co-contributors, and other stakeholder signatures for the product. 


Star's Work Product Example  



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